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When your people are better connected your organisation performs better, but it won’t happen (effectively) by itself.

Through my research I developed a set of powerful tools to support a more nuanced understanding of human connectivity challenges and to guide the design of more effective solutions.

Let’s collaborate

I work with a broad range of clients across multiple sectors – from banking to medicine, and education to advertising – to apply my proprietary tools in three ways.

Deep academic and industry experience

Having worked in a broad range of sectors and in a variety of roles across the globe, I bring a unique combination of strategic and creative thinking together with deep academic knowledge and extensive practical experience.

With degrees in Psychology and Marketing Management I spent the first decade of my career in creative, innovation, and strategy roles across the globe, helping large organisations communicate and tell their stories in more compelling ways. The unanticipated success of Wok+Wine – tested in 12 countries and featured in Harvard Business Review – got me fascinated with human connectivity and led me to complete a PhD in Design Engineering at Imperial College London. Building on large bodies of social science and management knowledge that describe the critical importance of human connectivity in organisations, my research focused on developing tools that can support individuals and organisations in improving human connectivity outcomes – by design rather than by accident.

Image credit: Marcel Kampman


I combine my human connectivity practice with a selection of ventures that play to my strengths in behavioural design, storytelling, and experience design.

Ambit is a research, design, and consulting studio that takes the guesswork out of human behaviour. We develop, teach, and implement powerful tools that help organisations to understand why people behave as they do and how behaviour can be influenced, to improve individual and business outcomes.

Simply Does It is my storytelling and animation label. Simply Does It specialises in making complex things simple through the creation of concise yet impactful narratives that speak to your audience in a way that moves them to act. The secret to an effective story is often not what you put in but what you leave out.

Wok+Wine (pron: “wok-n-wine”) helps you to find the people you didn’t know you were looking for. Described by Harvard Business Review as “an experiment in social chemistry”, Wok+Wine is a simple yet incredibly effective experience that has proven to be universally effective in helping groups to connect rapidly and authentically.

Let’s connect

Whether you want to book me to speak at your next event, discuss a connectivity challenge in your organisation, or get involved in one of my projects, I look forward to hearing from you.